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Diffuser beads are the perfect addition to any bong. The plastic beads swim in the water and swirl the smoke evenly. Due to the larger surface the smoke is thus cooled and cleaned better.
The lightweight material protects effectively against damage to the bong. The diffuser beads are easy to clean and reusable indefinitely. Created early 2011, “Diffuser Beads” is on a mission to revolutionize smoking. The premise is simple: more obstacles for the smoke, more diffusion. Small, plastic beads, specially designed to not harm glass, are inserted into your toking apparatus of choice. From there, your pipe, rig or bubbler is filled with water, as usual. It is as easy as that. The product is not designed to replace water, but enhance it. The smoke is forced under and around the small, durable beads, removing harmful carcinogens in the process.

Experience the Diffusion with 2K Diffuser Beads Softer, Colder Smoke and a Cleaner, Smoother Hit 2K Diffuser Beads work just like ICE to cool down the smoke in your water pipe. Add one jar of 2k diffuser beads to any smoking device and ELIMINATE the harshness of the smoke and the coughing that it usually brings. 2K Diffuser Beads are the #1 smoking accessory for stoners and smokers who prefer a smoother smoke and a more colorful smoking experience. 2K Diffuser Beads are a revolutionary new percolation system. When placed in the main chamber of a water pipe, they intermix the smoke with the water, and also force the smoke to separate and travel around each individual bead before it reaches your mouth. This cools and softens the smoke so it isn’t as harsh on your lungs. 2K Diffuser Beads help keep your water pipe clean by attracting the tar and resin more than your glass does. Diffuser Beads are 100% reusable. When they get dirty, place them right back in the container they came in, add in a little cleaning solution, shake, rinse, and they’re good as new. 2K Diffuser Beads also work great for as hookah diffusers and are small enough to fit into bubblers and even glass pipes and tobacco pipes.

  • Diffuses smoke in your hookah, bubbler, or waterpipe
  • 500-600 colorful, light weight beads per jar
  • Comes with a kashing kap – the perfect portable ashtray
  • Keeps your glass smoking devices cleaner for longer
  • Personalize your smoking experience with your favorite color

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