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  • Domeless Oil Rig

    2012 - 10.03

    Oil and Concentrate glass pipes and waterpipes are relatively new when compared to glass spoon pipes and bongs that have been around for more than a hundred years. Oil domes are something that have been invented to work with an oil rig, or glass bong specifically made for smoking BHO or oil out of. Ever since smoking bho and oil has become popular, there have been lots of innovations for how to smoke that concentrate. The dabber is the main tool used to scoop the BHO onto something to touch to the hot nail or ti-pad. One thing that has evolved is the dome and nail setup, or the method for vaporizing and then delivering the bho smoke to your lungs. There are now glass artists out there who make domeless oil rigs. There are new domeless nails that fit over your oil rig joint the same way a dome would, but instead of being an oil dome, the top is a titanium nail you can heat up that also has slits on the side so once you vaporize your bho on the top of the nail, it gets sucked through the slits in the side as you inhale, and there is no need for a dome to catch the vapor. What types of oil devices have you smoke out of?

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