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    2012 - 09.19

    rasta mix diffuser beads Oil Rigs are waterpipes or bongs that have a way to heat up part of the oil rig with a torch, and then dab your oil onto the hot part and inhale the smoke through the waterpipe oil rig. You can turn any bong into an oil rig by adding some oil adapters or attachments. You can add an oil condensation collector and put a dome and nail where you would normally put the bowl piece. An oil dome is a round dome shaped piece of glass that goes over the male part of the oil rig. The difference between a bong that you can smoke bho or oil out of and an actual oil rig bong is that the oil rig has a male joint instead of a female joint at the end of the down stem. You can also smoke bho or oil out of your bong by lighting it in a hash bowl, where the holes are actually up in the side of the bowl instead of straight down in the bottom. This keeps you from losing any oil or hash as it melts when you light it in the hash bowl. There are different types of oil domes you can get and also different types of nails. The nails can be made from different materials, such as regular glass, boro glass, or titanium nails. Ti nails are the best because they don’t shatter and you get a nice clean taste of the wax or oil. Add diffuser beads to your oil rig so its not so concentrated and harsh in your lungs and throat.

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